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White Papers

We have prepared two "white papers" to assist clients engaged in the divorce process. They provide general information regarding what the process entails and how mediation is utilized in family law matters. Please contact our office for a copy of these papers by emailing Ron at There is no charge for this service.

Initial Consultations

Many of our initial consultations for new clients are provided free of charge. They typically last approximately thirty minutes and are designed to provide prospective clients with a better understanding of our qualifications and how we might approach their matter. Please inquire of our assistant when making an appointment to confirm that the initial consultation will be at no charge.


The majority of the matters we handle are billed on an hourly basis. The hourly fee may vary depending upon when the matter first comes to us for handling and the nature of the assignment. Hourly fee increases are not typically passed on to existing clients on matters we are handling at the time the increase is implemented. Matters handled on a contingent fee basis are billed as set forth in a separate written fee agreement. Fixed fee matters are agreed upon at the initial meeting where our services are retained.

Please note that we bill for essentially any activity that requires the attention of Mr. Sikes. That includes telephone conferences and receiving and reviewing correspondence (including e-mails). We charge for our time in one-tenth of an hour increments. We also bill (at cost) for out-of-town town travel, photocopies, long distance charges and courier service.

Our statements are usually forwarded to clients at the beginning of each month and are due upon receipt. On matters handled on an hourly basis, each entry will reflect the date of the activity, the nature of the services performed and the amount of time expended on that date. Reimbursable costs are also detailed on each statement.

We often require a deposit for the matters we handle. These retainers are designed to secure payment of our fees and to cover out of pocket costs we may incur on behalf of our clients. If a matter is resolved prior to the retainer being fully earned by our firm, the unearned portion of the deposit is refunded to the client.